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ACOSE   2017

                                        WELCoME to aCosE   2017

                                        Welcome  to  the  second  Appalachian  Conference  on  Social  Enterprise!  West
                                        Virginia, the beautiful Mountain State, is a vibrant hub of business, innovation, and
                                        community development. We are delighted you are here—thinking, sharing, and
                                        learning with all of us about how social enterprises can be a force for change in
                                        our communities and lives. Since last year’s conference, more social enterprises

                                        have started and expanded in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. More ventures
                                        are seeking capital investment, and lending rates to social enterprises are up.
                                        Private foundations are embracing impact investing to social enterprises as a way

                                        to simultaneously create social, environmental, and economic impact. The time is
                                        now to talk about the power of social enterprise!

                                        We invite you to make this event what you need it to be. Introduce yourself, ask
                                        questions, share your insights, and help create the next steps for a healthy,

                                        sustainable Appalachian future. Finally, we would like to thank the planning team,
                                        sponsors, and everyone who answered a question, provided insight, and helped
                                        market the event along the way. We appreciate everyone’s support and we are

                                        glad you are here with us!

                                        Thank you To our sponsors:

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