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Business and organizational affiliations of presenters   Friday, May 19
                          can be found on page 9 of the conference guide.
                TIME                          LOCATION       SESSION      TITLE            DESCRIPTION                                           SPEAKER(S)

               11:00 am - 1:00 pm   Evansdale
                              Complex - Blue &
                              Gold Room Foyer
               12:00 pm - 12:20 pm  Blue & Gold
                              Room                  CONFERENCE WELCOME                                   Barbara Wyckoff

               12:20 pm -1:20 pm  Blue & Gold   Opening   A Journey from Idea   Building on her expertise managing   Presenter:
                               Room        Keynote &   to Scale      transportation research grants over 15   Valerie Lefler  AgendA
                                           lunch                     years and learning the ropes of
                                                                     mobility, Valerie Lefler applies her
                                                                     passion for rural communities, and her
                                                                     vision that the problem of rural
                                                                     people's access to mobility services
                                                                     can be solved. Through the social
                                                                     enterprise Liberty Mobility Now,
                                                                     Valerie Lefler is using community
                                                                     partnerships, contracts, and revenues
                                                                     to create a transportation solution that
                                                                     works in small communities.

               1:20 pm - 1:35 pm                        BREAK

               1:35 pm - 2:55 pm  Classroom G08  Session   Measuring the Good   Social enterprises’ pursuit of the  Presenters:
                                           A-1     You Do: Social Return   “triple bottom line” aims to create   Faith Knutsen,
                                                   on Investment     social as well as financial value. Good   John Glazer,
                                                                     tools to measure the social and   Kenneth Oehlers
                                                                     environmental impact created by our
                                                                     enterprises are hard to find. Join our
                                                                     presenters to understand how the
                                                                     SROI (“Social Return on Investment”)
                                                                     methodology provides tools for
                                                                     measuring the impact of your social
                                                                     enterprise on your community. You will
                                                                     be able to apply this tool to your
                                                                     venture and come away with
                                                                     resources to help you demonstrate the
                                                                     value you create in return for the
                                                                     support you receive from investors
                                                                     and other stakeholders.

               1:35 pm - 2:55 pm  Classroom G05   Session   How I Turned My   Passion drives all great new  Presenters:
                                           A-2     Passion into a Business  ventures, but unique to the social  Caitlin Garrity
                                                                     enterprise model is a deep passion to   Tammy Jordan
                                                                     solve a social or environmental need.   Bradley Wilson
                                                                     In this session, you will meet three
                                                                     very passionate individuals—each at
                                                                     different stages in their ventures and
                                                                     with different business models. They
                                                                     are using their passion to guide
                                                                     possibility and find the business
                                                                     models that will bring their dreams to
                                                                     life and solve the world's problems.
                                                                     Participants will learn about going
                                                                     from idea to earnings and what it
                                                                     takes to make passion a reality.

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