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Friday, May 19

                       TIME                          LOCATION       SESSION      TITLE            DESCRIPTION                                           SPEAKER(S)

                      1:35 pm - 2:55 pm  Jean Benson   Session   Turning Workers into   From business succession to growing   Presenters:
                                      Lounge      A-3     Owners             worker power and control, co-operative   Joe Marraffino
                                                                             ownership of ventures is a growing   Roodline Volcy
                                                                             business model for social enterprises.
                                                                             Join experts as they outline the
                                                                             specifics on how workers can become
                                                                             owners. This session will help you
                                                                             evaluate whether a cooperative model is
                                                                             right for your venture, how to make the
                                                                             transition from sole-ownership to shared
                                                                             ownership, and learn about the steps
                                                                             you can take to begin sharing
                                                                             leadership within your venture.
                      2:55 pm - 3:10 pm                  BREAK

                      3:10 pm - 4:30 pm  Classroom G08  Session   Selling and Pricing:   It sounds simple—set a price and find a   Presenters:
                                                  B-1     Making the Sale    buyer. But for innovative businesses   Savanna Lyons
                                                                             trying to open up markets for new   Brian Vadakin
                                                                             products, it can be very tricky! For
                                                                             many social enterprises, planning,
                                                                             market analysis and feasibility studies
                                                                             help them get started. But there can
                                                                             still be a whole lot of trial and error. Two
                                                                             social enterprises - Reclaim Appalachia
                                                                             and Zero Waste Event Productions -
                                                                             will share their learning curve on setting
                                                                             prices, negotiating a sale, and growing

                      3:10 pm - 4:30 pm  Classroom G05  Session   Branding Your Social   Marketing—the act of promoting and   Presenters:
                                                  B-2     Enterprise - Fresh Ideas   selling products or services— is critical   Geoff Marietta
                                                          for Marketing and   to the initial success and sustainability   Jeremy McQueen
                                                          Promotion          of any venture. In today's connected   Leslie Schaller
                                                                             world, effective marketing requires
                                                                             weaving together traditional
                                                                             (word-of-mouth, print, radio/tv) and
                                                                             digital (web, social media) approaches
                                                                             to build a memorable brand. This
                                                                             session covers how to build a coherent
                                                                             social enterprise brand grounded in the
                                                                             strengths of local communities that can
                                                                             rise above an increasingly crowded
                                                                             global marketplace.

                      3:10 pm - 4:30 pm  Jean Benson   Session   When You’re The First:   We all admire pioneers! But once you're   Presenters:
                                      Lounge      B-3     Building New Markets   ready to really push through the   Autumn Long
                                                          for Social Enterprises  undergrowth, how do you do it? What   Carling McManus
                                                                             strategies can you use to engage   Jen Susman
                                                                             buyers, enter new markets, and push
                                                                             out your message? WV SUN will share
                                                                             how they enter new communities to
                                                                             scale distributed solar energy,
                                                                             strengthening local markets by building
                                                                             consumer demand and developing a
                                                                             supportive policy framework in the
                                                                             process. 84 Agency will share how they
                                                                             developed a low-cost online platform
                                                                             that helps citizen activists spur political
                                                                             advocacy around unified messaging, as
                                                                             well as how they help nonprofits and
                                                                             businesses build new audiences
                                                                             through storytelling.
                      4:30 pm - 4:40 pm                                                        BREAK

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