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Saturday, May 20                             Business and organizational affiliations of presenters
                                                                  can be found on page 9 of the conference guide.
                      TIME                          LOCATION       SESSION      TITLE            DESCRIPTION                                           SPEAKER(S)

                      9:55 am - 11:15 am  Classroom G05  Session   Wholesale Markets and   The local food movement has been   Presenters:
                                                  C-3     Distribution for Food   emerging over the last 20 years across   Michelle Ajamian
                                                          Businesses         Central Appalachia, and today shows   Lauren Kemp
                                                                             no sign of slowing down. As   Rosemary Roe
                                                                             entrepreneurs grow and seek new
                                                                             markets, wholesale buyers offer
                                                                             attractive opportunities to expand
                                                                             sales. But, accessing those markets
                                                                             can be challenging for small
                                                                             businesses. Learn from a producer, a
                                                                             retailer, and a food venture intermediary
                                                                             about new distribution networks and
                                                                             what it takes for many value chain
                                                                             partners to go from small to big in the
                                                                             regional food economy.
                      11:15 am - 11:25 am                            BREAK
                      11:25 am - 12:45 pm  Blue & Gold    Free Range Skill   This session is your chance to go
                                     Room                 Sessions           in-depth on a specific topic, tool, or   Presenters:
                                                                             question with an expert from that field.   Ketaki
                                                                             We've brought together six table   Bhattacharyya
                                                                             presenters to talk about everything   Brittany Koteles
                                                                             from podcasting to systems change to   Natalie Roper
                                                                             business model canvassing and more.   Troy Price
                                                                             But if none of the tables pique your   Jeremy McQueen
                                                                             interest, we've left space for you to   Andrea Mcardle
                                                                             come together with other conference   Jennifer Simon
                                                                             attendees to share your own tools and
                                                                             solve problems!

                      12:45 pm - 2:10 pm  Blue & Gold     Lunch, Sector      Since their launch in March 2016,   Presenter:
                                     Room                 Networking Activity,   Mountain Tech Media has been working   Mountain Tech
                                                          and Presentation:   with social enterprises across Kentucky,   Media
                                                          “Telling the Story of a   West Virginia, and Ohio to tell the story of
                                                          Movement: Social   the social enterprise movement. Enjoy
                                                          Enterprises on Film”  several short videos they have produced
                                                                             that feature social enterprises such as Pine
                                                                             Mountain Settlement School and American
                                                                             MetalWorks. The presentation will be
                                                                             followed by a chance to talk about shared
                                                                             opportunities and challenges with other
                                                                             social entrepreneurs in your sector.
                      2:10 pm - 3:00 pm  Blue & Gold   Closing   Opportunities in Our   Geoff Greenfield has spent 17 years riding   Presenter:
                                     Room         Keynote  Future: Policy, Markets,   the “solarcoaster” of renewable energy   Geoff Greenfield
                                                          and the Energy     policy, demand, finance, and
                                                          Transition         installation. With his wife Michelle, Third
                                                                             Sun Solar has become a fixture in the Ohio
                                                                             solar landscape. With new partners, Geoff
                                                                             is developing new financing and workforce
                                                                             strategies that have the potential to scale
                                                                             solar installation and other renewable
                                                                             energy strategies. Join us in capping off
                                                                             ACOSE 2017 with an exploration of the
                                                                             next stage in the region’s energy transition.

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